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Do entry level jobs require interviews? Quotes

Submitted by karol.s on
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Insights from the discussion:

"We need to rethink and differentiate our recruitment processes for entry level positions. Adapt and update our mindset on hiring practices." Amena Chaudhary Associate Director, Human Resources, Patrizia Immobilien AG, United Kingdom

"Have the courage to take the unusual jobs. They may eventually leap frog your career." Ashley Smith Finance Director, CADA Design, United Kingdom

"Being literate opened the door to work at a bank for me. I was 19. I didn't have an interview. Things have changed since then. It is much more competitive for jobs today. Perhaps a sign of the importance of addressing job creation so people can survive." Chido Chadoka Group Finance Manager, Zimbabwe

"The interview has its place: I would argue the concept of the structured interview process should be reviewed so it embraces the diversity (personalities, abilities, background etc...) of candidates. Let's accept there is "no one size fits all" and demystify the process for those with little to no experience: an interview should be a dialogue rather than a rigid barrage of questions. Do interviewers understand that?" Eva-Christie Bessala Director, Global Clients Pricing and Procurement, PwC, United Kingdom

"An interview is an important brand engagement point - candidates should leave the interview feeling confident and inspired. Whether they are hired or not, they should speak positively about their experience with your brand." Lara Quentrall-Thomas Chairman, Regency Recruitment, Trinidad and Tobago