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The Centre for Management Consulting Excellence (CMCE) aims to share academic research and practitioner experience to the benefit of the consulting community.

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Research Project: Consulting skills for the future

What management consultants want from academics

In 2021 CMCE carried out some exploratory research into how consultants access and use outputs of academic research in their work.  In our report we draw conclusions about how consultants can make better use of the findings of academic research and how academics can increase the impact of their research by disseminating it more effectively to consultants, and through consultants to their clients.

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Consultant Value Add: Maximising Value from your Management Consultant

In early 2021 CMCE completed a research project into the value added by consultants to their clients.  The report is available here.


Consulting skills for the future

In 2018 the Centre ran a research project to determine what the main technological and consequent social changes would be by the year 2030, and the implications for the skills needed by management consultants. A report on the findings of the project is available here.