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CMCE Showcase: Consulting on Cyber Resilience: Lessons from the FTSE during Covid-19

The Centre for Management Consulting Excellence runs evening symposia we call Showcases whose purpose is sharing leading edge thinking of interest in management consulting.

In our report published last year on skills needed by management consultants in 2030, cyber security was ranked the most important.  Our first Zoom Showcase addressed this topic through the questions: 

- Why management consultants are uniquely placed to guide investment in cyber resilience, placing security into the client's business context.

 - How to deliver "sticky," ongoing consulting services that deliver accurate, timely, evidence-based insights into a client's real cyber resilience.

 - When clients are cutting-back commercial investments, what is it about cyber resilience that should be driving increased spend?

 - Where to start when accelerating the cyber resilience pillar of your management consultancy services including cyberattack considerations

We were delighted to confirm two expert speakers:

George Quigley, Director, Foulkon Limited

George is a Chartered Accountant and certified security and data privacy professional with extensive experience.  Foulkon provides expert advisory services for cybersecurity, understanding how cybersecurity threats have affected organisations in the past, how they have evolved with new technologies and appreciate how they will continue to change into the future. Crucially, Foulkon understands that cybersecurity isn’t related to technology alone and the danger of false economies in board and executive expenditure for cybersecurity.

Kevin Duffey, Managing Director, The Cyber Rescue Alliance

Kevin Duffey is Co-Chair of Cyber & Convergence at The Security Institute, Advisor to the Police Digital Security Centre in the UK, and Managing Director of Cyber Rescue, the European leader in helping executives to measure, monitor and mitigate harm from cyber-attacks. Cyber Rescue’s members include Mizuho, Nomura, Penguin, Sainsbury’s, Tesco Bank, Virgin Money, Vodafone, Swedbank, Whitbread and regulators in several countries.

The slides from George Quigley's presentation are available here and those from Kevin Duffey's presentation here.

As usual in our Showcases the presentations were followed by the opportunity for questions and group discussions, although for the first time the Showcase was held in our virtual Zoom meeting room.

You can find Valentina Lorenzon's account of the Showcase below.


George Quigley, Director, Foulkon Limited

Kevin Duffey, Managing Director, The Cyber Rescue Alliance


5:00 – 5:05 Welcome; introduction; programme for today; protocol

5.05 – 5:10 Introduce speakers

5.10 – 5.25 Speaker 1

5.25 – 5.35 Q&A of speaker 1

5.35 – 5.50 Speaker 2

5.50 – 6.00 Q&A of speaker 2

6:00 – 6.15 Split into breakout rooms to discuss questions set by speakers

6.15 – 6.25 Report back

6.25 – 6.30 Thanks and close