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CMCE Virtual Showcase: Building the AI Highway: Opportunities and challenges in data and analytics

In 2019 the Centre for Management Consulting Excellence published the results of research into the skills that consultants would need in 2030. Not surprisingly AI – artificial intelligence – featured high on the list, quoting one industry expert as saying ‘In the years 2020 to 2030 AI will be the main competitive battleground for large and medium sized consultancies’. The report went on ‘AI will be doing a lot of routine work; individuals will need to upskill to get jobs…..By 2030 there will be a real need for people who can understand and interpret what machine learning is doing.’

Our Showcase on 29 September 2020 aimed to help consultants and others interested to learn more about AI and its applications. Key questions for organisations now are: how can we take best advantage of AI? What will differentiate the winners and losers in AI?  Where do companies typically struggle with AI?  Artificial Intelligence brings powerful new technologies to the rescue, but with them come new risks and new governance questions.

Our speaker was H. P. Bunaes, a thought leader in the use of AI and machine learning in financial services. He has deep expertise and long experience in the use of data and analytics as well as the technology landscape. He is experienced in analytics for all aspects of risk management, financial crime, commercial banking, consumer banking, and wealth management, with deep understanding of data governance, data management and data architecture. He advises banks and fintechs on building, deploying, and managing AI and machine learning for competitive advantage, and also advises technology firms both early stage and mature in GTM strategy for finserv.

The Showcase included a series of discussions on focused topics to enable attendees to help organisations with deciding where to start with AI and machine learning.  They were followed by Q&A.  You can watch a full recording of the Showcase here:

You can find Valentina Lorenzon's account of the Showcase below.  Slides from H. P. Bunaes' presentation and his paper on managing operational risk in analytics can be accessed here.


H. P. Bunaes