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CMCE Virtual Showcase: Digital marketing 101 for growing consultancies

If you’re on LinkedIn you’ll more than likely find yourself the recipient of connection requests from total strangers. Sometimes these are people who genuinely have interests in common with you and want to connect. Other times their interest is in you as a source of business and very often that business is how to get more business on LinkedIn.

We all recognise LinkedIn as a legitimate marketing platform but how can you use it and other digital media to promote your services effectively without coming across as too “salesy”? Should you believe the claims of digital marketeers that they will populate your sales funnel with viable leads every week?

In this highly practical virtual Showcase, Professor Joe O’Mahoney (the consultant’s consultant) will offer his views on what digital marketing actually is, what works and what doesn’t, what good looks like, and how to do it without spending a fortune.  Joe’s presentations are always grounded in his research into successfully growing consultancy businesses so if you want your business to prosper his advice is always worth listening to.

Joe is a Professor of Business Consulting at Cardiff University, CEO & Founder of Consulting Mastered, and Strategy Advisor to CMCE.

Slides from the event are available below.



Prof. Joe O’Mahoney