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CMCE Virtual Showcase: Ethics, Management Consulting and the Ancient Greeks

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Does management consulting have a trust issue? With results that are sometimes intangible and approaches that are often not supported by any underlying science or rigorous research, there are, as our guest speaker David Shaw says, high barriers to trust in management consulting.

A reputation for ethical practice is a critical asset for consultancies... but what can the Ancient Greeks teach us? 

We're delighted to welcome 2020 CMCE Research Awards finalist David Shaw to what promises to be a highly thought-provoking Showcase. David's most recent book An Ancient Greek Philosophy of Management Consulting: Thinking Differently About Its Assumptions, Principles and Practice builds on the themes explored in his paper Aristotle and the Management Consultants: Shooting for Ethical Practice to ask provocative questions of today's consulting world.

Using the work of great thinkers such as Aristotle, Socrates and Plato as a lens, David will raise major philosophical questions about management consulting such as the nature of organisations and consulting interventions, the reliability of knowledge and consultants' ethical standards.

Such an approach causes many established assumptions and principles of management consultancy practice to seem questionable, and raises the possibility of new ways of thinking.

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Tuesday 8th February 2022
From 4:00pm
To 5:30pm

Zoom videoconference


David Shaw