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Deconstructing Uncertainty: "We should have seen it coming!"

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"O that a man might know/The end of this day's business ere it come!" Shakespeare wrote in Julius Caesar and encapsulated a problem we all face: life would be so much easier if we could minimise uncertainty - if we just knew how things would turn out.

Unfortunately, life's not like that and for those who work in roles that involve any kind of planning, dealing with uncertainty is a major part of the day job. But how often do we dive into the topic and really get to grips with it? At CMCE we'd say not often enough and so we're delighted to welcome consultant and author Bruce Garvey to present this Showcase based around his new book Uncertainty Deconstructed.

In this interactive webinar Bruce will argue that uncertainty is not really uncertainty at all but just demonstrates a lack of foresight, imagination, and vision; as well as an unwillingness to think about the maverick or unthinkable - good and bad - and be ready for it or take advantage of it.

Tuesday 20th September 2022
From 4:00pm
To 5:00pm

Via Zoom - booking here.



Bruce Garvey