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Why our schools need a revolution post-COVID

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Your success will be only 15 percent due to your technical knowledge and 85 percent due to your skill in human engineering – to your personality and to your ability to lead people (Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching).

In his lecture for the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants on Tuesday 21st June, at 6pm, Peter Hyman will explain how the 'Head, Heart and Hand curriculum' he developed as co-founder of School 21 in East London is an example of what is possible if we want to educate the whole child. It is a case study about innovative leadership and a treasure trove of ideas for you to become more effective in making change happen. The School 21 story is used in business management training to develop leadership capabilities. It is an insightful example of how someone broke out of traditional thinking, took a more holistic approach and pioneered new ideas with great success. The contribution to business training where Peter presents his story is nothing short of impressive.

Everyone can be excellent at something, can be happy and give value to society. They need the opportunity to explore what they do; they need to develop persistence to succeed; they need to learn how to overcome challenges. But our current education system does not provide these skills - it is not fit for purpose. We need something bigger and bolder.

Peter will be introduced by Andrew Marsden. Andrew will be the next non-Aldermanic Sheriff; he helped set up the annual Sheriffs' Challenge, which encourages schoolchildren to work together in developing and presenting persuasive presentations. 

If you want to get the most out of this evening and our children to get the most out of their schools then there is one fundamental requisite – a deep, driving desire to learn and a vigorous determination to increase your ability to deal with people.

George Bernard Shaw once remarked, ‘If you teach a man anything, he will never learn’. Shaw was right. Learning is an active process and we learn by doing - so be active and book for this evening. If you are interested in the education provided by our schools then this thought-provoking lecture by Peter Hyman is a must-attend event. 

Please note that the lecture will be followed by a drinks reception. For those who wish to join us for further discussion after the reception, there is the option of staying for a three course evening meal at an increased tariff. Both events are open to all.

Tuesday 21st June 2022
From 6:00pm
To 8:15pm

Bakers' Hall
9 Harp Lane
London, London EC3R 6DP


Peter Hyman

Andrew Marsden


18:00 Arrival, with tea/coffee

18:30 Foreword and Keynote lecture

19:30 Drinks reception and networking

20:15 Supper (optional)